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    5 ton crawler dumper PM-5000 Hunan Plum

    Time : 2024-03-26 Hits : 17

    *Engine: AdoptYunnei  50HP diesel engineexcellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, large power reserves, long stroke,.

    *Oil tube: Choose high-pressure rubber pipe, which suits all the bad working environment, anti-quake, anti-loose, stand fire.

    *Hydraulic working system:6F+2R; taking advanced of foreign advanced technology, it can reduce wobble with buffer function, and the machine service life can be extend.

    *Structure: Choose the domestic manganese steel with excellent quality, improving the strength of structure in a high level, which guarantee the safety of traveling and construction.

    *Surface treatment: derusting with large size shot blast machine, to change welding stress.

    *Surface spray coating: ant rusting paint, finishing paint.

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