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    All Terrain Rubber Crawler Manufacturing

    Time : 2024-03-12 Hits : 19

    Track car refers to the "car" with track running system instead of wheel running system. The vehicle has small unit pressure on the ground, small subsidence, strong adhesion ability and strong driving ability.
    The track is a flexible chain ring driven by the driving wheel and surrounding the driving wheel, roadwheel, induction wheel and belt wheel. The track is composed of a track plate and a track pin. The track pin connects each track plate to form the track chain ring. There are holes at both ends of the track plate, meshing with the driving wheel, and induction teeth in the middle, which are used to regulate the track and prevent the tank from falling off when it turns or tilts, and strengthen the anti-slip tendons (referred to as patterns) on the side in contact with the ground to improve the robustness of the track plate and the adhesion between the track and the ground.
    First, the main features
    1. Wide range of use, simple structure, smooth transmission, labor-saving operation, easy to achieve automatic control.
    2, suitable for marsh, beach, desert, paddy field, tropical rain forest, snow and ice and other complex road conditions.
    3, power enough, low fuel consumption.
    4. Large traction force, good climbing performance and strong transportation capacity.
    5, the turning radius is small, flexible, especially to adapt to the narrow site, reduce the cost of building roads.
    6, equipped with electric start, centralized handle, easy to operate.
    7, equipped with hydraulic take-off and landing, self-unloading, reduce labor intensity, improve transportation efficiency.

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