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    Various application for hunan plum crawler dumper

    Time : 2023-07-11 Hits : 21

    Applicable work area for crawler dumper:Crawler dumpers have a very wide range of applications.

    Under all road conditions and all terrain conditions, the crawler crawler truck can travel freely on muddy and icy roads.

    Self-unloading design and motor walking extend its usability. Specific sizes can be customized according to requirements. It has strong bearing capacity, great climbing ability, simple operation, easy maintenance, and well-matched components, reasonable power matching, broad vision and beautiful appearance.

    Our Hunan Plum Crawler Dumper is powered by a direct injection diesel engine, which is easy to start and has low fuel consumption. Adopt drive axle, strong ability to overcome obstacles.

    This series of products can be used for building construction material loading, coal and boiler slag loading, road construction material transportation, kiln ash loading and dumping, community waste cleaning, communication trench landfill, vehicle loading, farmland construction, road maintenance, feed, coal processing , Mines, building materials, timber delivery and other construction sites. Dumper.


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