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    Why 3.5 ton crawler dumper is hot selling model?

    Time : 2023-08-15 Hits : 33

    Palm oil plantationmini dumper truck

    This  Palm oilCrawler Dumperhelp you transport Palm oil fruit, coconut, durian, banana on your plantation for infield harvesting. Very good performance.

    FFB harvestercarrier

    Key features:

    1.Withscissors lift, easy to dumper fruit to big high truck.

    2.Changfa 1130 engine,  strong power, work effective.  

    2.Rubber crawler,40cm wide, good climbing performance, high ground grasping.  

    3.Wading depthcan be40cm, easy to work in wetland and marshland. 

    4.Hydraulic self-discharge,flexible and easyto dump cargo.


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