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The cargo box design of hunan plum crawler dumper

January 16,2024

Hunan Plum PM-1500, PM-3500, PM-5000 all TerrainMini DumperwithCrawler Loader Transporteris a frequently-used of special track vehicle,

 Crawler Dumper  Can adapted to various complex and terrible road conditions such as paddy field, marshland,

filed roads, mountain roads, grassland, mountain forests, deserts, ice and snowlands and is widely applied for agriculture

and forestry, orchard trsnaportation, good yard loading, water conservancy, construction, construction projecs and mines,

It has the features of simple structure, smooth transmission and labour-saving operation and loading capacity can be chosen among 1-5 tons.

Crawler Tractor DumperFeature:

(1).Crawler trailer can transport in the mud, icy roads.

(2).Self-unloadeing design , tracked walking , Motor walking, greatly extends the use ability.

(3).The specific size can be customized according to demand.

(4).Strong Carrying capacity, Large climbing ability , simple operation , easy maintenance .




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